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​The owner is Fair, Respectful and Proud of her Team. She is professional and is always open to critique in order to grow. She has Feedback forms and encourages an open door system for parents to talk to her directly. The teachers are wonderful and patient with their students. The parents join together to create a positive environment for the dancers. 

My daughter began at the park district as she determined if dance was something she wanted to put effort into or not. After a couple years we found out that Lights Camera Dancin' was close to home and tried them out for ballet. My daughter and I were amazed by their recital (what an exciting show!) and wanted to be part of it. The tuition is affordable and worth the experience. It's been 6 years and my daughter has now broadened her dance skills to more than only ballet, came out of her shell (socially) and is becoming a beautiful young lady with the help of this studio and the friends she's made here. This studio is FAMILY owned.  Beside the owner, her mother, her aunt and her husband are the ones who will greet you and help you with any studio concerns you have. Not to mention, you can purchase most shoes from her store directly, at a cheaper price than a dance store. The owner instills a family feel to the entire studio and teaches the girls to be kind to one another and how to respect each other's different personalities, something that is of VALUE to myself.

My daughter joined the Action Dance Crew (competition team) and we were impressed with the whole experience. My daughter has joined the crew 4 years now, and my two younger daughters have also joined the studio since then. I applaud the owner for crunching all the numbers and putting them into 3 different payments for me to understand. No hidden fees! She and her staff do the measurements, alterations, beadings, and dazzling of all outfits themselves! Talk about dedication! If an outfit or hairdo goes wrong, herself or her staff is the one on site, at each competition, to put everything in order. If parents can't drive their dancer to practices, I've seen the owner make arrangements herself to help her dance families out. The moms here are ready to help each other out, friendly and have fun as we all support our daughters with their talents. It's well balanced all around. 

I was given the option to try a class or try summer class with NO obligations to join. They truly care about each customer’s happiness! I’ve even heard the owner answer the phone and suggest a few local studios who offer what the person was looking for. So professional!

Can't imagine sending my little dancer anywhere else! She started a few years back, when she was still nervous to do things without a parent. The owner, who was her teacher, and teaching assistants made her feel comfortable and she hasn't  been timid since day one. Members of the owner's family run the front and are always helpful. The entire atmosphere reminds me of where I attended dance as a child; this studio keeps growing, but keeps their small-studio feel.

The recitals are truly an awesome experience! We like the ease of the recital package that LCD puts together (one reasonable price for DVD, costume, etc.) and optional fundraising to help with the price of this package. It's another one of the small touches that makes a big difference.

We've been dancing here since 2010, love this family run studio. My daughters have become beautiful dancers and made many friends. Thanks Stacie and staff! I gotta say there is nothing negative about this studio. We are part of the competition team and they lay it out for you in the beginning of the year with no surprise expenses.  The owner is amazing with the children. I watch her behavior as compared to other studios and her pep talks, encouragement, and love for these kids is hands down above all others.

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