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What is ADC?

Action Dance Crew is a performing and competitive dance team for dedicated dancers. These talented and enthused dancers are required to: audition annually through our summer dance camp, attend dance conventions (workshops), perform for the community, and compete at regional and national dance competitions. Students are also required to attend additional classes and rehearsals throughout the year to enhance their performance. We have a very talented group of dedicated and well-rounded dancers ages 4-18 and growing.

If you are currently an ADC dancer, it is required that you continue with the summer camp you are placed in. If you wish to be considered for the competitive team, you must be enrolled in a summer camp. Not only does this camp assist the teachers in the selection process for the Competitive Season, but it also allows the dancers to continue to grow in their abilities in the off season. Attending the Summer Dance Program does not guarantee a spot on the Competitive Dance Team. Your child(ren) will receive a letter upon completion of the summer program. Once you are registered for camp, you can obtain a competitive dancer selection information form. This form lets the teachers know what you are interested in auditioning for so we can evaluate each dancer properly over the summer. Attendance is important since this year they will be learning audition dances for part of their class. Big Audition Days will be given within the first two weeks of camp.

Action Dance Crew is the core of Lights, Camera, Dancin’ Dance Studio and the dancers who are selected every year are not only amazing dancers, but are amazing role models to all of our younger dancers as well. We strive to develop the dancers on our dance team not only into good dancers, but also into good people.

Regardless of the setting or the audience, our dancers view every performance as an opportunity to celebrate their gift and to share the joy of dance with their audience. Performances and competitions will be held throughout the year and are both equally important and completely necessary as a part of each ADC dancer’s dance education. We have won numerous prestigious awards for our production numbers, group dances, solos, duets, and trios. Most recently choreography awards, entertainment awards, studio excellence awards, special recognition awards, and overall scoring awards.

Former Action Dance Crew dancers can be seen in all areas of professional entertainment such as professional dance companies, dancers for sporting events, Collegiate level dance teams, in front of an audience and behind the scenes. All of our team dancers develop a passion for dance and many eagerly continue their dance careers once they leave the nest.

Whether they dance for a living or pursue a career in a different field, they are always successful because of all of the life lessons learned during their dance team days.

The truth is, being an ADC dancer is about so much more than just technique and choreography. While dancing is obviously the reason for the program, it is also about self-confidence, poise, respect, responsibility, growth, opportunity, determination, teamwork, and achievement. The life lessons learned at LCD positively benefit all aspects of life: performance auditions, collegiate entrance exams, and job interviews to name a few. We know our ADC dancers are a step above the rest!

Our Award Winning team is strong and ready for anything… including new members! We are looking forward to new dancers joining our team and would LOVE for you dance with us! Please contact the front desk for more information regarding the ACTION DANCE CREW auditions.

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